How to file a case?


1) Submits its Statement of Claim (full statement), along with the arbitration clause to the Secretariat. (Statement of Claim and its annexes may be sent by e-mail to or Claimant may fill the ISTAC Request which can be found on the main page).

2) Deposits the registration fee into the following bank account:

Vakıfbank Levent Büyükdere

Account No. (IBAN): TR46 05 0001 5001 5800 7304 6368 44


3) Designates the name of Sole Arbitrator.

How the proceedings run?

1) Claimant submits its Statement of Claims and evidence to the Secretariat.

2) Respondent submits its Statement of Defence and its evidence to the Secretariat within 15 days (The Statement of defence and annexes may be sent by email to

3) Holding a hearing or evaluation based solely on the basis of documents

4) Closure of proceedings

5) Submission of the arbitral award to the Secretariat

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