Emergency Arbitrator

The use of an emergency arbitrator is an efficient and suitable legal protection mechanism for parties in cases in which urgent circumstances necessitate a decision to be made before the constitution of the arbitral tribunal.

The ISTAC Emergency Arbitrator Rules apply to the applications that are made to the Secretariat for the appointment of an Emergency Arbitrator before the transmission of the file to the Sole Arbitrator or Arbitral Tribunal.

The party who applied for the appointment of the Emergency Arbitrator is not required to submit a Request for Arbitration, Statement of Claim, Answer to the Request for Arbitration, or Statement of Defence.

The Emergency Arbitrator shall be appointed within 2 working days from the Secretariat’s receipt of the Application and the Emergency Arbitrator renders its decision within 7 days.

The decisions of the Emergency Arbitrator are binding on all parties who have consented to the use of an Emergency Arbitrator.

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