Established in 2015, the Young ISTAC is a forum for younger professionals (40 years and under) of the arbitration and mediation community in Turkey and abroad.

The objectives of the Young ISTAC are:

  • to introduce and popularize the efficient understanding and use of arbitration, as well as mediation.
  • to provide a strong network between young professionals and to arrange monthly meetings in order to facilitate the communication between its members.
  • to organize national and international educational programs, conferences and social events with the participation of experienced counsel and arbitrators, as well as other international organizations.
  • to keep its members up-to-date with the latest developments in arbitration and to provide career development opportunities.
  • to promote the ISTAC dispute resolution services.
  • to organize annual moot court competitions both in English and Turkish in order to promote the study of arbitration through its application to a moot problem.

The Young ISTAC membership is open to all practitioners and younger members of the arbitration community without any subscription fee.

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