Protection of Personal Data

In accordance with Protection of Personal Data Law (“PPDL”) numbered 6698 and together with the relevant legal rules, please find above the information documents prepared for İstanbul Arbitration Centre (ISTAC).



As Istanbul Arbitration Centre (ISTAC), we hereby state that in accordance with Protection of Personal Data LAW (“PPDL”) numbered 6698; your personal data that you have shared with us and that we required in capacity of processor on condition to be related, limited and retrained with purpose of processing; and in line with purposes these to be processed; shall be recorded, stored, retained, rearranged, shared with institutions who are lawfully authorized to require these, transferred to third parties in land or abroad in circumstances stipulate by PPDL, assigned, classified and be processed under other manners stipulated in PPDL.

This document aims to inform you of the procedures regarding collection, processing and disclosure of information and to set out your rights concerning this information.



The purposes and legal grounds of processing of your personal data depend on the nature of the relationship you have with our Centre. In this respect, pursuant to Articles 5 and 6 of PPDL, the purposes and legal grounds of processing of your personal data are listed above in non-exhaustive manner:

  • to process and respond to your questions and/or inquiries;
  • for administration purposes including but not limited to arbitration and mediation;
  • for security purposes;
  • for Young ISTAC membership;
  • to produce statistics and to conduct research into our products and services;
  • to provide our services to and/or to others;
  • to notify you about changes to our services;
  • to send you, among others, invitations, notices, information, newsletters and greetings;
  • to promote our services including by newsletters, emails or any other form of communication;
  • to provide and improve our services;
  • to fulfil legal, regulatory and risk management obligations;
  • for the purposes of recruitment or activities and events planning;
  • for the use and publication of the photos and audiovisual recordings taken at the events may be used for informational or promotional purposes in printed materials or online, including on ICC websites and in social media unless ISTAC receives written notification of the participant to the contrary; and
  • to fulfill the requirements of security including cyber security protection when you are a visitor of our Centre.

Your personal data may be collected verbally, in written form or in electronic environment; via channels such as our web site, e-mail or social media accounts. For the purposes mentioned above and in accordance with Articles 8 and 9 of PPDL, ISTAC and Young ISTAC may need to transfer, store or process your personal information to a third party including our business partners, providers, legally authorized public authorities and representatives. Payments made through our online filing or event registration systems are processed via a third party payment service provider with separate terms and conditions that may apply to your data.



Persons/institutions that personal data may be transferred for purposes stated above are; bodies and institutions that are entitled by Act on Istanbul Arbitration Centre numbered 6570, International Arbitration Law, Turkish Procedural Law, Turkish Trade Code, Turkish Civil Code, Law on Associations, Tax Procedural Law, Law Concerned with regulation of electronic commerce, Law concerned with regulation of publications made via internet and fight against crimes committed via these publications, Protection of Personal Data Law and relevant legislations; Public entities such as Board of Protection of Personal Data, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Customs and Trade, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Information Technologies and Communication Board; and/or direct/indirect domestic/foreign subsidiaries; domestic/foreign program partners that we get contractual services in order to execute our activities we cooperate, and that are jointly and severally responsible for taking data safety measures such as securing all king of personal data of yours, preventing unauthorized accesses and be processed unlawfully and other third parties. ISTAC and Young ISTAC may also disclose information in order to comply with legal or regulatory obligations.

ISTAC and Young ISTAC commit to securing your personal information. However, no data transmission over Internet or storage technology can be completely secured. ISTAC and Young ISTAC is only committed to take reasonable measure to protect your information to reduce the risks of unauthorized access and use. ISTAC and Young ISTAC are not liable of any security breach, misuse, alteration or loss of information due to a third party provider, including but not limited to online payment service providers.



The Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and other applicable laws provide you the following rights concerning the personal information collected by ISTAC and Young ISTAC:

  • Right to be informed if your personal data are processed;
  • Right to be informed on how and why your personal information are and will be used by ISTAC;
  • Right to correct inaccuracies or to complete incomplete data;
  • Right to have your data erased. This right may be limited and applies when the relevant data is no longer processed by ISTAC or required by law.
  • Right to submit a complaint to the Board of Protection of Personal Data, or any relevant authority.
  • Right to know if third parties in the country or abroad which have been transferred your data;
  • Right to be notified of operations made to third parties to who; personal data have been transferred;
  • Right to object to occurrence of any result that is to your detriment by means of analysis of personal data through automated systems;
  • Right to request compensation for the damages due to unlawful processing of personal data.
  • Right to object to automated processing;
  • Right to withdraw your consent.

Your requests, which take place in your application, shall be finalized within the shortest time depending of feature of your application and within thirty days without charging any expense. However, in case such transaction incurs any cost for IISTAC, a fee listed in tariff determined by Board of Protection of Personal Data may be collected.

You may submit your requests in the manner described below:


Application Address
For the requests made via courier or postal services, delivered by hand or thorugh notariat TOBB Plaza Harman Sok. 10/6 Esentepe Şişli Istanbul Turkey
For the online requests


For any question, comment or request regarding our Privacy Policy or your personal data please contact us at:

Istanbul Arbitration Centre
TOBB Plaza Harman Sok. No: 10 K: 6
Esentepe Şişli Istanbul Turkey
Phone: +90 850 622 50 30


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