12 December 2016- ISTAC – TRAC Joint Conference

At the conference organized by ISTAC and Tehran Regional Arbitration Centre (TRAC) on 12 December 2016, eminent names in the field of international arbitration including Prof. Dr. Pierre Mayer, Prof. Dr. Georges Affaki, Dr. Hamid Gharavi, ISTAC President Prof. Dr. Ziya Akıncı, TRAC President Dr. Oveis Rezvanian, Iran Ministry of Justice Representative Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohebi and International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Paris and Tunisia representatives came together in Paris.

Also, Former Prime Minister of Jordan and Former Vice-President of the Court of Justice Awn Shawkat Al-Khasawneh, OECD Permanent Ambassador and Former President of the National Bank Erdem Başcı, Attache in Paris for the Ministry of Justice Abdullah Aydın, Ministry of Economy Vice-General Director of Incentive Practices and Foreign Capital Murat Alıcı, ISTAC Deputy Chairman Mustafa Çıkrıkçıoğlu, ISTAC Board of Director members Müjdat Keçeci, Rifat Bacanlı and ISTAC Secretary-General Dr. Candan Yasan participated in the conference.

The speakers introduced that ISTAC would fill an important gap by becoming a bridge between the Middle East and Europe. Also, it has been emphasized that Turkey’s economical potential and positive legislative changes on foreign investment would certainly have a positive impact.

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